The Committee on Diversity began as an ad-hoc committee in 2006 and was incorporated into the AAPA bylaws as a standing committee in 2011.  The committee’s mission is:

  • To assess student and faculty diversity in the AAPA and U.S. programs of physical/biological anthropology.
  • To serve as an umbrella organization within the AAPA to develop programs that increase the recruitment, participation and retention of diverse scholars within the field of physical/biological anthropology.
  • To advocate for diversity within the membership, programs, committees and leadership of the AAPA.

The committee serves as the umbrella organization for several specific interest and activity groups.  These groups are self-organizing and their constituents identify a member to act as part of the advisory committee of the Committee on Diversity.  To date these groups include those related to issues concerning: women scholars; LGBTQ scholars; international and indigenous scholars; underrepresented minority scholars; URM funding; AAPA membership survey; undergraduate research symposium.  Volunteers and ideas for new groups welcome!  

In pursuit of our mission, the committee sponsors other workshops and mixers at the AAPA annual meetings and holds its yearly organizational meeting during the AAPA meetings as well.  All AAPA members are welcome at these events.  For information, please see the yearly AAPA program volume, email one of us and join the listserv (see below).

 COD Undergraduate Research Symposium

COD Increasing Diversity in Evolutionary Anthropological Sciences (COD-IDEAS) 


COD Women’s Initiative (COD-WIN)

COD Anthropologists outside of Anthropology Departments, Contingent and Teaching focused faculty (AACT) 

COD International Scholars  

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Committee members

Susan Antón


Agustin Fuentes

Steering committee COD IDEAS

Ripan Malhi

Steering committee COD IDEAS

Cara Wall-Scheffler

Steering Committee Member for COD UGRS

Marcie Meyers

Steering Committee Member for COD UGRS

Andrea Taylor

Steering Committee Member for COD WIN

Robin Bernstein

Steering Committee Member for COD WIN

Stephanie Meredith

Steering Committee Member for COD LGBTQQIAA

Jessica Westin

Steering Committee Member for COD AACT

Laurie Kauffman

Steering Committee Member for COD AACT

Marilyn London

Steering Committee Member for COD AACT

Fabian Crespo

Steering Committee Member for COD INTERNATIONAL

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