COD-WIN aims to facilitate discussion and dissemination of information on gender equity in STEM sciences.  

In 2014, the COD Women’s received a grant through the Elsevier Foundation New Scholars Program to create a self-sustaining infrastructure administered by the AAPA to improve the environment for all women physical anthropologists. This two-year grant will support career development initiatives including domestic and international career development workshops, and the creation of sustainable toolkits and webinars that can be easily accessed and widely shared in order to initiate and continue conversations about strategic career planning and work-life satisfaction.


The COD-WIN has delivered pre-meeting workshops in advance of the annual AAPA meetings funded through a combination of Elsevier and AAPA support.  These workshops provide mentoring, professional development and networking skills aimed at midcareer, postdoctoral and graduate student women.

To extend the reach of the programs, in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017, COD-WIN launched several satellite workshops. Women from across the globe gathered at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Durham University, England, and Santa Clara University, California, to participate in these first AAPA-sponsored domestic and international professional development workshops for women biological anthropology scholars. Funded by a grant from the Elsevier Foundation New Scholars Program to Robin Bernstein and Andrea Taylor (Co-Chairs of the Committee on Diversity Women’s Initiative), and facilitated by consultants Donna J. Dean and Cynthia Simpson of the Association for Women in Science, these workshops offered career development, guidance on mentoring and work-life satisfaction, and networking opportunities to a diverse group of women representing all subdisciplines in biological anthropology and all ranks within academia. Check out these photos (Photos by Kathy West at and look to the AAPA COD website for information on the next international workshop to be held in the fall of 2017 at the University of Cape Town!

The COD Women's Initiative (WIN) operates a listserv  Andrea Taylor and Susan Antón are the list administrators.  Any AAPA member may join the COD_WIN list at


COD-WIN Committee

Andrea Taylor (Co-Chair)
Robin Bernstein (Co-Chair)
Claudia Valeggia
Kersten Bergstrom
Kristi Lewton
Lauren Butaric

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