From January 11th to February 07th, 2020

Join EPAF in the exhumation and analysis of bodies from mass graves during this intensive 4-week field school. As a result of massacres committed during the regime of Mohammed Siad Barre in the 1980s, an estimated 60,000 people were killed and thousands more were victims of enforced disappearance. Working in Hargeisa, students in this field school will help determine the number of Somaliland's disappeared through a system of antemortem data collection, research of mass graves, and the analysis of human remains. The course cover theory and practice in preliminary investigation, burial site mapping, excavation techniques, forensic evidence recovery, osteology, taphonomy and trauma.

Students who are interested in archaeology, anthropology, other forensic science and human rights are welcome to apply.

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Please contact [email protected] for more information, or visit our website.


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