Submitted: 4 January 2022
Department: Biology
Institution: Sacred Heart University
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 30 January 2022
Application URL:;jsessionid=E63A5AAC4807A66A7AEC9E83640D1DCE?JOBID=140828&jobboard=148

The Sacred Heart University Department of Biology invites applications from qualified candidates for appointment to a non-tenure track position in the field of Anatomy and Physiology at the rank of Lecturer. The rank of Lecturer is a one-year renewable contract position with the potential for promotion to higher non-tenure-track ranks. Applicants are expected to demonstrate the potential for excellence in undergraduate teaching in both major and non-major courses and possess a strong appreciation for the mission of the University and its student-centered focus. In addition, applicants may develop scholarly research programs focused on engaging undergraduates. We are seeking candidates with expertise in human anatomy, physiology, and/or biological anthropology who can apply this knowledge to research in fields such as biomechanics, neuroscience, bioarchaeology, forensics, or other adjacent areas.

In addition to teaching Anatomy & Physiology I and II lecture and lab, the faculty member filling this position may also develop courses in the candidate's area of specialization, as well as playing a role in the foundational core of the university (First Year Seminar, Critical Thinking) and the biology major core courses (Concepts in Biology I and II, Genetics and Evolution, or Ecology and Evolution).

PhD in Biology, Biological Anthropology, or an appropriate area of expertise required (ABD considered). Significant teaching and post-doctoral experiences preferred. Candidates should also support Sacred Heart University's commitment to university service, community service, and the intellectual and ethical development of all students.

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