Each year, the AAPA’s Executive Committee members select an advanced graduate student to serve as a liaison between student members and the committee. Graduate students interested in becoming more involved in the organization are strongly encouraged to apply! A link to the online application will be placed here starting midsummer each year.

Current and Past Liaisons:

2020-2021 Alyson Caine, University of California, Merced

2019-2020 Donovan Adams, University of Nevada, Reno

2018-2019 Natalie Laudicina, Boston University

2017-2018 Elle Fricano, Johns Hopkins University

2016-2017 Kathryn Grow Allen, University at Buffalo

2015-2016 Melanie Beasley, University of California San Diego

2014-2015 Chris Stantis, University of Otago

2013-2014 Jill Scott, University of Iowa

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