Dear Colleagues,

Field Notes: A Journal of Collegiate Anthropology, the University of Wisconsin– Milwaukee’s anthropological student journal, is now accepting submissions for our tenth volume, to be published in Summer 2018. The extended deadline to submit for peer review is February 10th, 2018.

If you have been working on original anthropological research and are interested in gaining experience in publishing a paper, Field Notes is an ideal opportunity to receive serious peer review and to publish in a refereed journal recognized by the Library of Congress. We accept submissions from undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines, but all papers should address anthropological questions.

Field Notes accepts the following manuscript types: Articles: Field Notes welcomes original research conducted by the author. Submissions should be between 3500–8000 words (including references). If the article is accepted and original research was undertaken involving living humans or animals, we may need to obtain IRB approval before publication. Research Reports: Field Notes now accepts short interim reports on ongoing projects, including fieldwork, lab work, or other research. Reports can include preliminary findings as well as intended contributions to anthropological method or theory. These can be up to 5000 words, including references. Current Debates: Current Debates pieces are intended as short commentaries identifying and outlining a topical area of interest in anthropological method or theory. Authors will critically examine the issues involved and suggest future approaches. These can be up to 5000 words, including references. Book reviews: Book reviews consist of a critical summary and commentary analyzing the merits of a recently published book. Only books published in the last two years will be accepted. Submissions should be no more than 2000 words, including references. Book review essays: Book review essays compare and contrast two to three books on the same theme or subject area. The author will identify critical issues and assess the contributions of each book to understanding the topic in question. Submissions should be no more than 4000 words, including references. Formatting Guidelines:  All submissions should follow the Chicago Manual of Style: (click on “author-date: sample citations”).  Each submission is limited to three images (at least 300 dpi quality) and ten total figures and tables. If the work is accepted for publication and you are reproducing figures or tables that have been published elsewhere, you will need to obtain proper permission(s), as determined by the copyright holder(s)  All submissions must be in English.  All submissions must have double spaced, one-inch margins.  All submissions must be in Times New Roman, 10 pt font.  Please use endnotes rather than footnotes. To see past volumes of Field Notes, please visit our site on the Anthropology Student Union’s webpage at: You can also see our profile at:

Additionally, if you were looking for experience on the publication side of research, we would love to have you as a peer reviewer. As a reviewer you would be sent articles pertinent to your areas of interest and you would give constructive feedback on each article for improvement. This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience that will help in your career and academic life, and a great way to become more familiar with the workings of publication, especially if you haven’t published yet. If interested in becoming a peer reviewer, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact Field Notes at [email protected] with any questions.

Best, Shaheen Christie Jessica Skinner Ann Soley Eberwein Allison Kotowicz Brennan Charles Alexander Anthony Field Notes Editors


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