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Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 field season of the UNB Bioarchaeology Field School at the Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton, Canada. Efforts to manage coastal erosion at Louisbourg has prompted this long-term rescue excavation and analysis of these burials. This unique program will offer students a multi-component, hands-on bioarchaeological field experience including excavation methods and techniques, field data recording, and ethical handling practices. Additionally, students will be engaged in the technical analyses of these skeletal remains through laboratory cataloguing, analysis, curation, and storage. While working at Louisbourg students will have opportunities to explore the Fortress, learn more about the history of 18th century Atlantic Canada, and share their experiences and research with the local community.

For further information you can visit our website: http://www.unb.ca/cel/credit/specialized-programs/bioarchaeology-field-school/index.html Find us on Facebook and Instagram @ UNB Bioarchaeology Field School


Field school's sexual harassment policy as submitted

The UNB Bioarchaeology Field School takes the safety and well-being of all student and staff members seriously and has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment of any kind. In accordance with UNBs sexual harassment policy, this beahviour may include, but is not limited to, verbal abuse or threats of a sexual nature, unwelcome sexual invitations or requests, demands for sexual favours, or repeated innuendos or taunting about a person's body, appearance, sexual orientation or sexual experiences. Any behaviour that violates UNBs sexual harassment policy can result in dismissal from the field program.

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