Student Award Winners 2015


JAMES HERRERA (Stony Brook) Environmental instability and functional traits explain lemur ecological community structure (Poster) - Earnest Hooton Prize

MARYJKA BLASZCZYK (NYU) Boldness in wild vervet monkeys: individual differences and consistency across contexts (Podium) - Sherwood Washburn Prize

ELEANOR DOVE (Liverpool John Moores U) A (w)hole new idea: Using nutrient foramen location to identify relative growth and the center of ossification in juvenile tibiae (Poster) - Ales Hrldlicka Prize

MEGAN PETERSDORF (NYU) What can the skeleton tell us about flanging? Hard-tissue markers of cheek flanges in Mandrillus (Poster) - Primate Interest Group prize and Honorable Mention


LEAH SPARROW (University of Calgary) Do longer limbs translate into a reduced cost of transport? A study of locomotor performance and gait in the Longshanks mouse (Podium) - Honorable Mention

CATALINA VILLAMIL (NYU) The influence of cranial and postcranial integration on the evolution of hominin basicranial morphology (Poster) - Honorable Mention

NICHOLAS HOLOWKA (Stony Brook) Chimpanzee Foot and Ankle Joint Motion During Vertical Climbing (Podium) - Honorable Mention

FRONT ROW: ANTHONY DI FIORE (University of Texas)

MICHAEL GRANATOSKY (Duke U) Kinetics of below branch quadrupedal walking in primates and other mammals: implications for the evolution of specialized suspensory locomotion (Podium) - Juan Comas Prize

HALSKA GLOWACKA (ASU) A biomechanical perspective on variation in molar emergence ages in Primates (Poster) - Honorable Mention

Missing from group photo:

MARY COLE (Ohio State U) A semi-automatic method for intracortical porosity quantification with application to intraskeletal variability (Poster) - Mildred Trotter Prize

Mary Cole (student award winner)

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