Even though you can't travel right now, take a trip with AAPA "Down Under" to learn the latest from biological anthropologists in Australia and New Zealand!

Tuesday October 13th, 8-9 PM Eastern Time

Voices from Down Under: Biological Anthropology in Australia and New Zealand This webinar is free and open to all, membership in AAPA is not required.

Please visit this site to register. Organizer: Tanya Smith, Griffith University


Rebecca Kinaston, University of Otago, Recent bioarchaeological research from Indonesia Cyril Grueter, University of Western Australia, Secondary sexual traits and complex sociality in primates Clare McFadden, Australian National University, Situating bioarchaeology in multidisciplinary approaches to palaeodemography and palaeoepidemiology Andy Herries, La Trobe University, New hominin fossil discoveries from Drimolen Cave, South Africa, and their relevance to the evolution of Paranthropus and Homo erectus Co-sponsored by The Australasian Society for Human Biology (ASHB) www.australasianhumanbiology.com


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