Transmitting Science course "Geometric Morphometrics and Phylogeny" has open registration.

Dates: September 9th-13th, 2019, Barcelona.

Instructor: Dr. Chris Klingenberg (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)

Place: Capellades, Barcelona (Spain).

Registration and more info:


1. Phylogeny, trees and phylogenetic reasoning. 2. Brief review of geometric morphometrics (Procrustes fit, PCA, etc.). 3. Mapping traits onto phylogenies: squared-change parsimony. 4. Practice: making/editing Nexus files, mapping morphometric data onto the tree (Mesquite, MorphoJ). 5. Phylogenetic signal, morphometric traits and estimating phylogeny. 6. Comparative methods: independent contrasts. 7. Application in morphometrics: evolutionary allometry and size correction. 8. Practice: comparative methods (MorphoJ). 9. Application of comparative methods: morphological integration. 10. Multi-level analyses of integration: inferring evolutionary mechanisms. 11. Application of comparative methods: partial least squares (ecomorphology, etc.). 12. Practice: comparative methods (cont.). 13. Morphometrics, phylogenies and qualitative characters. 14. Disparity and diversification. 15. Presentations of group work.


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