Registration is open for the third edition of the course “Mapping Trait Evolution”, June 3rd-7th, 2019. Instructor: Dr. Jeroen Smaers (Stony Brook University, USA) and Carrie Mongle (Stony Brook University, USA).

If you are a PhD student you can APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP:

PROGRAM: Monday. (R packages: ape, Geiger).

Morning: Phylogenetic data. - What is the basic structure of phylogenetic data? - How to visualize and manipulate phylogenetic data? Afternoon: Models of evolution. - What are models of evolution? - What are the assumptions of the different models of evolution? - How are models of evolution utilized?

Tuesday. (R packages: ape, nlme, caper, evomap). Morning: Phylogenetic regression. - Assumptions, properties, and applications of the phylogenetic regression. Afternoon: Phylogenetic ancova. - Testing for grade shifts using the phylogenetic regression.

Wednesday. (R packages: phytools, motmot, geiger, ape, evomap, BayesTraits). Morning: Ancestral estimation. - Using models of evolution to estimate values of ancestral nodes. Afternoon: Analysis of rates of evolution. - Estimation of rates of evolution. - Testing hypothesis about rates of evolution.

Thursday. (R packages: bayou, phylolm, surface, OUwie, mvMORPH). Morning: Inferring the structure of a macroevolutionary landscape. - Using Ornstein-Uhlenbeck models to map macroevolutionary patterns. Afternoon: Testing the structure of a macroevolutionary landscape. - Applications and assumptions of OU models. - Using OU models to test macroevolutionary hypotheses.

Friday. (R packages: geomorph). Morning: Modularity and integration. - What is ‘phylogenetic’ modularity and integration? - Applications and assumptions. Afternoon: Case study.


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