Denver is not just a fantastic place to hold a conference, there are also LOTS of other exciting and fun things to do for adults and kids alike. Check out the AABA2022 Local Arrangements Committee's recommendations!

From Michala Stock, Metropolitan State University of Denver:

"There is awesome hiking! Here are links to a few of my favorites. If you want to check out Boulder: Mount Sanitas or Chautauqua -- then treat yourself to a post-hike beer and/or snack at one of the many establishments in town. And there is also the Golden Gate Canyon State Park - but check the weather/conditions before you go!"

From Anna Warrener, University of Colorado Denver:

"I have recommendations for two full-day Colorado Excursions. First, there is The Wild Animal Sanctuary. This is a forty-minute drive north from downtown Denver takes you to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO. The sanctuary’s mission is to provide homes for abused and mistreated large carnivores from zoos and private collectors. They have taken in, cared for, and given a new life to hundreds of animals, including nearly 150 rescued from the so called “Tiger King” zoo featured in the Netflix documentary. Over 550 animals, including lions, tigers, bears and wolves call the 789 acres of Colorado grassland home. They roam freely in large, open-air habitats. As a visitor, you will enjoy a stroll on the elevated 1.5-mile walkway above these habitats to see lion prides, and wolf packs while taking in the gorgeous Colorado views from above. This place is truly unique in its mission and scope and well worth a day’s exploration." For more information, visit their website:

"If you are in more of an in-door mood, check out the Pearl Street Mall. This is a thirty-minute drive northwest of Denver in Boulder. The mall was constructed in 1976 and encapsulates the spirit of this beautiful college town. Named one of the “10 Best Foodie streets in America” by Food and Wine magazine, you can find just about every cuisine with farm fresh, vegetarian, and vegan options. The Dushanbe Tea House sits near Boulder Creek and was a gift from our siter city in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It is stunningly beautiful inside and out with excellent food, and you guessed it, tea! My wedding rehearsal dinner was there many years ago! The mall is also lined with unique shopping. My favorites are Art Mart, Peppercorn, Into the Wind, and the amazing independent Boulder Bookstore. You will also likely see many street performers like, magicians, jugglers, our resident contortionist, and if you’re lucky Bruiser the giant dog! It’s also a great place for kids with several unique play areas and toy and candy stores." For more information visit the following link:

From Caley Orr, University of Colorado Denver:

"An obvious choice is Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s just over an hour drive from Denver to the closest entrance at the town of Estes Park. However, a bit longer route through Grand Lake (two hours drive- take I-70 to 40 over Berthoud Pass and through Winter Park) will take you to the less-trafficked western entrance. In March, there will be very few tourists on the west side. Though parts of the forest were burned by recent wildfires, there are still gorgeous views of the Never Summer range and Kawuneechee Valley, elk and moose, and hiking trails to the headwaters of the Colorado River. Rent snowshoes in Grand Lake if needed."

Lori Strong, AABA's Executive Director for our annual meeting and all-around-expert on conferencing:

"For more recommendations on day trips around Denver, be sure to check out:"

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