Welcome to AAPA's new socially-distanced community event! Every month we host an hour(ish) long webinar on current issues in biological anthropology. The formats will vary slightly depending on the topic.

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Tuesday October 13th, 8-9 PM Eastern Time

Voices from Down Under: Biological Anthropology in Australia and New Zealand

Organizer: Tanya Smith, Griffith University 


  • Rebecca Kinaston, University of Otago, Recent bioarchaeological research from Indonesia
  • Cyril Grueter, University of Western Australia, Secondary sexual traits and complex sociality in primates
  • Clare McFadden, Australian National University, Situating bioarchaeology in multidisciplinary approaches to palaeodemography and palaeoepidemiology
  • Andy Herries, La Trobe University, New hominin fossil discoveries from Drimolen Cave, South Africa, and their relevance to the evolution of Paranthropus and Homo erectus 

Co-sponsored by The Australasian Society for Human Biology (ASHB) www.australasianhumanbiology.com

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