Welcome to AAPA's new socially-distanced community event! Every month we host an hour(ish) long webinar on current issues in biological anthropology. The formats will vary slightly depending on the topic.

Be sure to check back with this page regularly for more details as they are confirmed.

Please visit our Past Webinars page to see the topics and access videos of those events.

Illustration of a video conference call with a drawing of a fossil skull named Lucy, a chimpanzeen named Pan, a double strand of DNA called Helix, and a lemur named Catta.

The Insider's Guide to AAPA's 2021 Virtual Conference

Monday, March 8, 2021

3pm Eastern

Register for this upcoming webinar here.

Organizer: Anne Grauer, AAPA President

Description: Join us for a demo of the virtual platform AAPA will be using for our annual conference scheduled for April 7-28, 2021. See all the cool features, get a sense of how the events will work, and learn how to upload your presentation. You can also learn more about the meeting on our 90th annual conference webpage.


  • Steve Leigh, AAPA President-elect
  • Leslea Hlusko, AAPA Vice President & Program Chair
  • Lori Strong, Burk Associates

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