AAPA will host an annual meeting that begins on April 7, 2021, with a significant virtual component that will serve participants far beyond those who can travel to Baltimore. The registration fees for the 2021 meeting are set to support this hybrid meeting configuration, with nimbleness to adapt to the pandemic as needed. The structure and extent of our in-person meeting in Baltimore will be shaped by the public health guidelines set by state and local governments.

Please join us for the meeting! Click on this link to register: https://burkclients.com/AAPA/2021AM/index.php

The AAPA has long set our meeting registration rates with the aim of breaking even between the costs of the event and the funds we raise through registration fees. We do not use our meetings to raise general funds for the organization.

While the exact costs of the 2021 annual meeting are uncertain, the cost of a virtual meeting platform that provides a quality conference experience is not inconsequential. Balancing these financial considerations along with an understanding that our community is impacted by the global economic situation, we decided to return to the rates for our 2019 meeting in Cleveland. The 2021 registration fees are listed below.

Registration Fees paid before or on 27 February 2021 / registration fees paid after 27 Feb 2021:

  • Regular/Special Member $190 / $238
  • Regular Postdoc/Contingent Faculty Member* $160 / $200
  • Nonmember $400 / $500
  • Nonmember Symposium Participant $190 / $238
  • Student Member $80 / $100
  • Student Nonmember $155 / $194
  • Retired Member $80 / $100
  • Member from a Developing Nation** $35 / $44
  • Nonmember from a Developing Nation** $50 / $63
  • Student from a Developing Nation** $25 / $31

**Click here for the list of qualifying nations.

If you need additional information, please email Vice President & Program Chair Leslea Hlusko.

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