Do you have a published abstract from the 2020 AAPA meeting?

Did 2020 get in the way of you submitting an abstract for the 2021 conference?

Want to present your 2020 research in 2021?

If yes, AAPA's Throwback program is for you!


Authors of 2020 abstracts who did not submit an abstract for 2021 will receive an email invitation to register for the 2021 meeting and present their 2020 research. No need to write a new abstract, no need to collect new data or come up with a new title. Even if you presented that research elsewhere or uploaded it as part of the online option for AAPA’s 2020 meeting, you are welcome to present your 2020 research at the 2021 meeting.

With the covid-19 pandemic, everyone's lives have been significantly rearranged. For many of us, one of the early notable impacts of the pandemic was the cancelation of the 2020 AAPA meeting in Los Angeles. As time passed, requisite shifts in our priorities meant that many of us also found it impossible to develop new research projects to present at the upcoming 2021 annual meeting. If this describes your situation, we have some good news: AAPA's Throwback program for the 2021 meeting!

AAPA’s main mission during these trying times is to hold us together as a professional community. As part of that, we don’t want presenters to miss out on the opportunities that come with sharing your research at our annual meeting. Our 2021 meeting will have new and different programming, including tailored networking opportunities that we don’t want you to miss just because other obligations got in the way of pulling together a new abstract.

In late November we will send an email with the subject "AAPA Throwback program invitation" to first-authors of 2020 published abstracts who did not submit an abstract for 2021. That email included a tailored link to the registration form using your 2020 abstract-linked-email address. Please search through your email for this communication, including your spam folder. If you still have trouble finding the link, please email AAPA Vice President Leslea Hlusko.

Here are the details for Throwback program,

  1. You’ll need to register for the 2021 meeting using the special link we emailed you. Once you have paid for your 2021 registration, you’ll be taken to AAPA’s website to confirm that we have linked you to the correct 2020 abstract and to complete a survey re your participation in the 2021 meeting.
  2. If you have already submitted an abstract for 2021 and it is accepted, you are not eligible for the Throwback program at this time. Depending on the response to this call, we may expand the Throwback program.
  3. The organizers for the 2020 invited symposia have been contacted directly. If you were scheduled to present in one of the invited symposia, please get in touch with the organizer to see if they are planning on holding the event for the 2021 meeting. If they decide not to, you can present your 2020 presentation anyway. We will absorb it into the contributed sessions.
  4. Whether or not you were reimbursed or donated your 2020 registration, you’ll need to pay the 2021 meeting registration.
  5. We will not be including the 2020 abstracts in the 2021 abstract volume, but these will be part of our formal program.
  6. You won’t be able to make any edits to your 2020 abstract, as it is already published; any updates you might need to indicate can be included in your presentation.

We sincerely hope that this Throwback program comes as welcome news. AAPA strives deeply to meet the professional needs of our members and meeting participants. This is obviously uncharted territory for us, and we thank you in advance for your patience as we figure it all out. We hope to see you in 2021!

Questions? Please email AAPA Vice President Leslea Hlusko

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