Tutorial on the use of the morphomap R package: 2D-3D cortical thickness map, shape analysis and cross-sectional geometry. Day/Time: Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 1PM - 5PM. Description: The morphomap R package is designed to extract equally spaced cross sections along the diaphysis of long bones. morphomap is organized in three modules: morphometric maps, shape analysis and cross-sectional geometry. Organizers: Antonio Profico, PalaeoHub, Department of Archaeology, York (United Kingdom), ([email protected]); Nicole Torres-Tamayo, Paleobiology Department, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Madrid, Spain), ([email protected]). Pre-registration required.

Description: ­­­The study of diaphyseal bone structure by mean of the cross-sectional geometric and geometric morphometrics techniques have been extensively used in anthropology to understanding behaviors such as type of locomotion, mobility, intensity and repetitiveness of physical activities and body mass, in nonhuman primates, human past populations and fossil hominins.

Morphomap is a new R package for the analysis of long bones. It automatically extracts two sets of semilandmarks cortical thickness and cross-sectional geometry parameters at each cross section. morphomap also returns 2D and 3D cortical maps. The morphomap package from a single input (an oriented 3D mesh of a long bone) produces as output cross-sectional geometry variables, 3D semilandmarks for each cross section and morphometric maps of the diaphysis obtained from cortical thickness.

Session participants will be introduced to the use of morphomap from its installation to the full application on long bones (i.e., a human femur bone).

The workshop will highlight all the functionalities of morphomap for the analysis of long bones:

  • Installation of the morphomap R package
  • Uploading of an oriented long bone 3D model
  • Long bone automatic segmentation
  • Extraction of semilandmarks coordinates from long bone diaphysis
  • Creation of 2D and 3D morphometric maps
  • Calculation of cross-sectional parameters of a cross section
  • Export results from morphomap

During the workshop on morphomap, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the use of morphomap. All the data are embedded in the morphomap R package available on GitHub and CRAN repository. Attendees must bring their own PC with the last versions of R and RStudio. No prior knowledge of R is required, since the R basics will be briefly introduced at the beginning of the workshop.

Audience: Anyone interested in Virtual Anthropology and/or bone cross-sectional geometry.

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