Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs): Working with Required Feedback in an Era of Ambiguity. Day/Time: Friday, April 17, 2020, 10AM - 12PM. Description: Participants will learn about and discuss the use of institutionally required SETs in developing their teaching portfolios. Organizers: Alice F. Gooding, Kennesaw State University, ([email protected]); Katherine M. Lane, University of Central Florida, ([email protected]).

Description: ­­­The problematic nature of Student Teaching Evaluations (SETs) was outlined in an early 2019 statement by the AAPA COD-AACT Committee and in a later statement by the American Sociological Association, which was endorsed by the American Anthropological Association. Given the current climate surrounding SETs, it can be challenging for faculty at all levels to work within the current system of their home institution. This workshop will review the biases and statistical issues in SETs and address negative feedback regarding the instruction of seemingly controversial tenets of biological anthropology, such as evolution and race, and other measures not related to teaching effectiveness. Emphasis will be placed on guidelines and ideas for incorporating student feedback in job applications and tenure or promotion portfolios. We will also discuss alternative ways in which teaching effectiveness can be show cased outside of academia.

Audience: This workshop is geared towards faculty of all levels, including teaching assistants and those on the job market.

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