New Tools in Anthropological Energetics. Day/Time: Saturday, April 18, 2020, 8AM - 10AM. Description: Learn new methods and resources for studying energy expenditure in humans and other primates. Organizers: Herman Pontzer, Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University, ([email protected]); Cara Ocobock, Department of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame; Samuel S. Urlacher, Department of Anthropology, Baylor University.

Description: ­­­Energy is a common currency in life history, foraging ecology, nutrition, locomotion, and other areas of biological anthropology. Yet, despite the importance of energy, direct measures are rarely collected in human ecology and primatology. Instead, traditional approaches for measuring energy intake and expenditure in biological anthropology have relied heavily on behavioral observation, activity-based estimates, or laboratory experiments. Direct measurement of energy expenditure has been too expensive, or impractical for field studies.

In this workshop, we will discuss new tools and methods for measuring energy expenditure and intake that are field friendly and accessible. Advances in isotope tracking techniques (doubly labeled water) have reduced the cost of this gold-standard method for measuring daily expenditures and intake. A new, freely accessible, global human energetics database is now available to investigate broad patterns in energetics across diverse settings and lifestyles. Improvements in respirometry systems have made them more field ready. We will discuss these new tools (including doubly labeled water and respirometry methods and costs) as well as best practices and common challenges in the growing field of anthropological energetics.

Audience: Researchers at all stages who are working with living subjects and are interested in incorporating energetics into their research

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