Navigating the international job market in biological anthropology. Day/Time: Friday, April 17, 2020, 12PM -2PM. Description: This workshop will include a panel-based discussion of the benefits and potential challenges associated with international employment opportunities in biological anthropology, and will include advice and networking opportunities for current job-seekers. Organizers: Kevin G. Hatala, Chatham University, ([email protected]); Tina Lasisi, Penn State University, ([email protected]); Lauren Schroeder, University of Toronto ([email protected]); Becky Ackermann, University of Cape Town ([email protected]); Nate Dominy, Dartmouth College ([email protected]). This workshop is sponsored by the AAPA Career Development Committee and the AAPA COD-I (Committee on Diversity (International)). Pre-registration required.

Description: ­­­A wealth of opportunities exist for scholars in biological anthropology to spend parts of their careers abroad. Such experiences can be tremendously rewarding but they also involve a variety of considerations and potential challenges that are not experienced when staying in one’s home country. In this panel-based workshop, we will hear short presentations from a mix of scholars at different career stages who have spent parts of their academic careers employed in other countries. The panel will include five to six individuals from multiple countries who will talk about their experiences working abroad including discussion of challenges that they faced and overcame, the influence of their international experiences on their career trajectories, and other advice for those interested in career opportunities abroad. Individual presentations will be followed by a moderated panel discussion focused on questions that audience members will submit in advance. This will be followed by an open-format ‘mixer’ for audience members to engage in more detailed discussions with panelists.

This workshop targets any early career and student AAPA members who are currently exploring the academic job market in biological anthropology. In addition to the conveyance of information through the panel presentations and moderated discussion, the mixer offers designated time for one-on-one discussions and professional networking.

Audience: Early career and student AAPA members who are currently exploring the academic job market in biological anthropology.

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