The Publications Committee is tasked with advising on strategic initiatives related to the publications of the AABA and with considering general publishing-related issues of importance to the members of the AABA.  The latter might include, for example, best practices around issues such as data-archiving, open access and others.

The Publications Committee is also charged with conducting periodic searches to fill the editorships of the AABA journals.  The committee thus serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee on the appointment of both the AJPA and Yearbook of Physical Anthropology editors.

Publications committee members

Lyle W Konigsberg

Lyle W. Konigsberg

Chair and Editor of the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology

Trudy Turner

Trudy R. Turner

Editor in Chief, American Journal of Physical Anthropology

Anne L Grauer

Anne L. Grauer

Leslie Aiello

Leslie Aiello

Peter Ellison

Peter T. Ellison

Chris Ruff

Chris Ruff

Clark Larsen

Clark Larsen

Fred Smith 2020

Fred Smith

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