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Student Research Awards Competition 2014

by Ed Hagen last modified Apr 25, 2014 12:29 PM
The American Association of Physical Anthropologists awards five prizes to outstanding poster and podium presentations at the annual meeting whose first author is a student. Prizes are given in honor of Juan Comas, Aleš Hrdlička, Earnest A. Hooton, Mildred Trotter, and Sherwood Washburn. This year, we received a total of 39 submissions, up from 25 last year. Each poster or presentation was reviewed by several members of the Student Affairs Committee, and award winners were announced at the annual Closing Reception on the last evening of the Annual Meetings. Due to the high number of applications and the high quality of the submissions this year, the committee decided to award five “Honorable Mentions” in addition to the names prizes. We greatly appreciate Cambridge University Press, Harvard University Press, and the University of Florida Press for their generous donations to the student prizes.


The following students were awarded “Honorable Mentions”

  • Katherine Bannar-Martin (University of Texas at Austin) for her podium presentation “Different diversity measures tell different primate community assembly stories”
  • Christina Bergey (New York University) for her podium presentation “Hybrid zone genomics: The structure of a baboon contact zone inferred from RAD tags” (with J.E. Phillips-Conroy, T.R. Disotell, and C. J. Jolly)
  • Addison Kemp and W. Andrew Barr (University of Texas at Austin) for their podium presentation “Rates of homoplasy in the mammalian skeleton”
  • Kevin Hatala (George Washington University) for his podium presentation “An experimental functional analysis of the Laetoli hominin footprints”
  • Catalina Villamil (New York University) for her poster presentation “An analysis of Homo erectus vertebral canal morphology and its relationship to vertebral formula variation in recent humans”


Winners of the five named prizes were:

Mildred Trotter Prize

E. Susanne Daly and K. K. Catlett (Arizona State University) for their poster presentation “A test of the inhibitory cascade (IC) model on primate deciduous premolars”

Juan Comas Prize

Stephanie Schnorr (Max Planck Institute) for her podium presentation “Assessing diet specialization of Hadza microbiota through activity and composition” (with K. Venema, A.N. Crittenden, F. Marlow, and A.G. Henry)

Aleš Hrdlička Prize

Amy Baurenfeind (George Washington University) for her podium presentation “Differential gene and protein expression in the human and chimpanzee brain: A comparison using high-throughput techniques” (with E.J. Soderblom, M.E. Turner, A.M. Moseley, J.J. Ely, P.R. Hof, C.C. Sherwood, G.A. Wray, and C.C. Babbitt)

Sherwood Washburn Prize

Sandra Winters (New York University) for her podium presentation “Primate camouflage as seen by felids, raptors, and conspecifics” (with J.M. Kamilar, T.H. Webster, B.J. Bradley, and J.P. Higham)

Earnest Hooton Prize

Sarah Lacy (Washington University) for her poster presentation “Periodontal disease and health in western Eurasian Late Pleistocene humans”


Many congratulations to all the student award winners and participants.

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