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Sex Estimation Methodology Survey

by Ed Hagen — last modified Aug 02, 2011 12:38 PM
As a member in this professional anthropology organization, you are receiving this invitation to participate in a research survey regarding sex estimation techniques employed in anthropology. This study seeks to evaluate the methods being currently utilized by physical anthropologists (skeletal biologists, bioarchaeologists, forensic anthropologists, etc.) and human biologists when assessing skeletal indicators of sex. Those individuals tasked with estimating sex from skeletal remains are encouraged to participate in this research.
The purpose of this study is to document the sex estimation techniques being practiced by current anthropologists and also to note any regional trends and differences in the methodologies employed*.  Current variation exists in preference and use of various methods for the purpose of sex estimation and it is the hope of this study to present this variation in an attempt to work towards standardization within the field.


Documentation of this variation will be compiled via participant’s responses to an electronic survey.  The survey software being used double-blinds all identification information, including IP address, so that participation in the survey is anonymous on all accounts.  The survey consists of 32 questions concerning the participants background, education, and preferences and practices of sex estimation techniques used on skeletal remains.  This research and included survey have been approved by the Joint-Faculty Research Ethics Board at the University of Manitoba prior to being distributed. 


Participation in this research is completely voluntary.  All contacted individuals may elect not to participate in this research.  Those that do choose to participate may opt to answer all of the questions listed or only specific ones within the survey.  Participants will not be compensated for taking part in this research; however, you participation will greatly benefit and enhance the understanding of sex estimation techniques currently employed within the field.


Results from this study will be submitted for presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, as well as, for presentation at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology.  Additionally, the results will be submitted for publication in a scientific, peer-reviewed anthropology journal.   Access to the survey data and publication on the research will be carried out by Alexandra Klales, Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba.


The following anonymous survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.  By continuing to the survey linked below, you agree to participate in this research, as well as, agree to have the responses of your participation used for presentation and publication.




 Should you have any questions regarding the survey, the software used, or the dissemination of results please feel free to contact me at the number listed below.  If you have any concerns or complaints about the project, you may contact the Human Ethics Coordinator at the University of Manitoba at (204) 474-7122. Thank you in advance for your time.




Alexandra Klales, MS

Department of Anthropology

University of Manitoba

(204) 470-1644


*This research has been sent to a number of professional anthropology and biology organizations.  If you have already received and completed this survey from another organization, please do not complete the survey more than once and I thank you for your participation in this research.

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