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Omenn Prize for Evolutionary Medicine

by Ed Hagen last modified Jan 27, 2014 02:09 PM
The Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health Foundation invites nominations for the Omenn Prize for the best article published in 2013 in any scientific journal on a topic related to evolution in the context of medicine and public health. The $5000 prize is made possible by a generous donation from Gilbert S Omenn. It will be awarded in April 2014 to the first author of the winning article.

Any relevant peer-reviewed article is eligible, but the prize is intended for work that uses evolutionary principles to advance understanding of a disease or disease process.  The prize committee will give priority to articles with implications for human health, but many basic science or theoretical articles have such implications.

Nominations should include a copy of the article (if distribution is permitted) or an abstract and link to the article, and a brief nominating statement (<250 words) in the body of an email to Authors are encouraged to nominate their own articles, but nominations of articles by others are also welcome.

The Prize Committee is chaired by Allen Rodrigo, and its members are Carl Bergstrom and Sarah Tishkoff.  Papers by committee members, their students and lab group members are not eligible, and articles by their co-authors or close associates are subject to special conditions.

Nominations will be accepted at until  5pm, 28 February, 2014 US Eastern Standard Time.

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