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Early Farmers - the view from Archaeology and Science

by Ed Hagen last modified Oct 21, 2011 04:50 PM
Cardiff University, UK, 14th-16th May 2012. Scientific and interpretative archaeology often speak to very different audiences despite shared interests in themes such as landscape, climate, subsistence, social structure and cultural identity. This conference challenges different disciplinary paths to find ways of talking to each other, taking the European Neolithic as its focal point. Contributors will cover a broad range of innovative approaches across different subjects, from archaeological theory to ancient DNA, bringing together vital new research that has forced the reconsideration of long held assumptions about the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition, the social organisation of the earliest farmers and individual biographies of past persons.

Speakers include Kurt W. Alt (University of Mainz), Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel (CRNS, Paris), Robert Hedges (University of Oxford) Clark Spencer Larson (University of Ohio), Marie Teschler-Nicola (Natural History Museum, Vienna), Alasdair Whittle (Cardiff University) and others. Abstract submissions for poster presentations will be accepted until the 24th February 2012. For booking information and further details please see

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