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Call for Papers - International Journal of Dentistry

by Ed Hagen last modified May 29, 2012 09:40 PM
Manuscripts due for end of august. Variation in Tooth Wear and Interesting Dental Features: Past and Present. Summary: Dental wear in the past and present is one of the main features that record the impact of environment, nutrition, and lifestyle on people. Dental wear and certain notable features like mutilation can pose serious-to-mild health concerns for a person or a population. Thus, studying them in past and present societies provides information on the culture, health, and environment that people were living in and how this predisposed or protected them from dental disease. Dental wear is a topic of interest that has evolved over time and involves various disciplines; it is primarily studied by anthropologists and more recently dental clinicians. The study of dental wear variation over time concerns all types and forms of wear, ranging from the ancestral mutilation to bruxism, an indicator of a stressful lifestyle. We invite authors to submit original research and review articles that use methods for recording dental and clinical studies and their effect on dental and general health.
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