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Browsable Online AAPA Meeting Program 2013 (Beta)

by Ed Hagen last modified Feb 05, 2013 05:05 PM
A smartphone/tablet-friendly version of the AAPA Annual Meeting program is now available (it works in any browser). It has several features not present in the PDF version. However, if the two versions differ, the PDF version is definitive. This is a beta version of the browsable program, and there are undoubtedly bugs and errors. Caveat emptor!


Here is the link to the browsable version of the program:


  1. Each session has a unique URL. This allows folks to email or post links to a session.
  2. Each abstract has a unique URL. This allows folks to email or post links to an abstract.
  3. Abstracts have embedded bibliographic metadata that Zotero and Google Scholar can read.
  4. Enter session and abstract days and times into your personal calendar. Each session and each abstract has a small calendar icon that links to an ical file with the date and time of the session and abstract, respectively. Click on this icon and your calendar program should open with the date and time automatically entered. This seems to work on mobile safari (iPhone, iPad) and desktop Firefox on OS X. On desktop Safari (OS X), the file downloads, and you then have to double click on it to get it to open in iCal, which is an annoying extra step. I don't know what happens on Windows or Android.
  5. Session rooms link to a map of the convention center, so you can find the room.
  6. There is a custom Google search engine. The one at the top level searches all years (which currently only includes last year and this year). The search bar for 2013 should search only the 2013 program (and the same for the 2012 search bar). Google hasn't finished indexing all abstracts -- hopefully they will appear soon. Google doesn't guarantee that they will find every page, however, so don't rely on the search feature alone.
  7. There are Facebook, Twiiter, and Linked-In buttons that work as usual.
  8. There is a comment feature for each session and for each individual abstract. Be professional!


Email me if you find any bugs or errors.

Click here for the definitive PDF version (4.7 MB) 


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