Yearbook of Physical Anthropology 2019

The 2019 issue of the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology is now available and FREE to download!

The Yearbook of Physical Anthropology is an annual supplement of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, and provides broad but thorough coverage of developments within the discipline


Contents of the 2019 issue 

Shades ofcomplexity: New perspectives on the evolution and genetic architecture of humanskin (Ellen E. Quillen, Heather L. Norton, Esteban J. Parra, Frida Lona‐Durazo, Khai C. Ang, Florin Mircea Illiescu, Laurel N. Pearson, Mark D. Shriver,Tina Lasisi, Omer Gokcumen, Izzy Starr, Yen‐Lung Lin, Alicia R. Martin, Nina G. Jablonski)

Craniofacial skeletal response to encephalization: How do we know what we think we know? (Kate M. Lesciotto, Joan T. Richtsmeier)

BDNF, endurance activity, and mechanisms underlying the evolution of hominin brains (Tyler Hill, John D. Polk)

One small step: A review of Plio‐Pleistocene hominin foot evolution (Jeremy DeSilva, Ellison McNutt, Julien Benoit, Bernhard Zipfel)

The emergence of human warfare: Current perspectives (Marc Kissel, Nam C. Kim)

Geophagy among nonhuman primates: A systematic review of current knowledge and suggestions for future directions (Paula A. Pebsworth, Michael A. Huffman, Joanna E. Lambert, Sera L. Young)


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