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The George Mason University Tenure-Track/Tenured opening

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The George Mason University, Department of Sociology and Anthropology announces a Tenure-Track/Tenured opening for a mid-level Assistant Professor or early Associate Professor of Anthropology, specializing in the bioarchaeology of the New World, beginning in the fall semester of the 2013-2014 academic year.

George Mason University’s undergraduate program includes offerings in all four fields of anthropology with many opportunities for collaboration across subdisciplines. Our graduate program offers a master’s degree with emphasis upon advanced training in sociocultural anthropology; culture, health and bioethics; and transnational and global issues. Candidates will also have the opportunity to teach in the graduate program.

The teaching load for this position is 2/2. The successful candidate must have teaching experience in forensics, or demonstrable training in that area. Women and minority candidates are especially urged to apply. 

We seek a New World bioarcheologist specializing in forensics and human osteology, with regional and topical interests that complement the interests and specializations of the department. Experience in establishing and running an archaeology lab on campus is strongly desired. We also seek a candidate with an ongoing field/research project who is able and/or has experience providing training to students in a lab setting. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a successful research, publication and funding trajectory. They should also be outstanding in both large and small classroom teaching settings. The successful candidate must be competent to teach introductory and advanced courses in forensics/osteology, archaeology, physical anthropology, and in his/her specific areas of interest.

This employer does prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation/preference.

This employer does prohibit discrimination based on gender identity/expression.

This employer does not offer health insurance benefits to eligible partners.

This employer does not appear on the AAUP list of censured institutions.

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