Submitted: 30 March 2017
Department: College of Osteopathic Medicine
Institution: William Carey University
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 30 April 2017
Application URL:

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Preclinical Sciences (Anatomy) William Carey University COM is looking for anatomists interested in combining and leveraging their knowledge and experience of anatomy with the development of innovative methods for anatomical teaching and curricular design towards supporting comprehensive anatomical support from OMS1 through OMS4. Active interaction with both the basic sciences and clinical faculty will be expected. Under the respective course director(s) and the Associate Dean, Preclinical Sciences, the successful candidate will provide instruction in one or more of the anatomical sub-disciplines, including embryology, histology, gross anatomy, neuroanatomy and medical imaging. The ultimate goal is to form a solid foundation in this critical science, and create testable inter-dependencies with other disciplines, such as biochemistry, physiology, pathology and clinical skills, including osteopathy using the curricular model database. In particular, we are interested in the thorough inclusion of medical imaging (i.e.: x-ray, CT, MRI, US) into both lecture and laboratory sessions of our anatomy program. The radiology software application OSIRIX currently plays an active role in this in the dissection laboratory. Live ultrasound demonstrations will have significant representation in our courses based on the application of our kiosk machines. Additionally, ultrasound student simulators will expand the direct experience with standard US cases. The Radiology SIG will have a role in tutoring basic imaging concepts and cases to all interested students across all four years with their website which will accumulate cases and RSNA journal concept papers relevant to each anatomical region and system. Due to its relatively small size and close ties among Deans, Faculty, and students, WCUCOM offers an innovative and supportive environment for staff, both in terms of faculty interaction and modern learning resources.

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