Workshops (including discussion meetings and training events) provide the opportunity for participants to engage in intensive discussion or training activities on a particular subject or project. Workshops generally involve small groups, emphasize participant involvement, and are oriented toward a specific goal or outcome. They are NOT for the presentation of academic research to a general audience. 

Over the past few years the AAPA has had an increasing number of requests to hold workshops and similar events at the annual meetings. Because of time and space limitations it has become necessary to have a formal submission and evaluation procedure for these requests. 

A small amount of competitively awarded funding is available to help defray the costs of workshops, discussion meetings, or training events sponsored by AAPA committees.  Costs may include speaker travel and honoraria costs.  Requests may also include costs to extend the reach of scientific sessions through electronic/virtual technologies or other means.  Typical awards are anticipated to be in the range of $1500-$2000. The following costs will NOT be considered 1) Catering and reception, 2)  Student or member travel, lodging, and/or registration for the meetings. Students should be encouraged to apply for the Pollitzer Student Travel Awards.

Your full name

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All co-organizers with their affiliations and email addresses

300 words max. If your workshop is accepted, this paragraph will appear in the program issue at the top of the session.

The audience to whom the workshop will be of interest.

Enter 0 for unlimited

Full- and half-day workshops will be scheduled on the Wednesday before the meetings. Two-hour workshops can be scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.”

You require participants to register for the workshop

Dollar amount. Enter 0 if the workshop is free. Note that no charge shall be made and no products shall be offered for sale. However, participants can be asked to pay for any materials that will be needed for workshop participation.

If there is a cost to participate, provide a justification for the cost

Are you applying for support for your workshop? Funding is competitively available ONLY to workshop proposals from AAPA standing or ad hoc committees.

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If you are applying for funding, enter your budget justification here

Describe the added-value of the funding to your event.

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