June 2009

A Suggestion:

As you are aware, the National Science Foundation has shifted to a paperless mechanism for submission of proposals, reviews and requests. The web-based application is called Fastlane. Generally, the system lives up to its name but it is a work-in-progress and there are occasions when an unusual font or graphic throws it into catatonia. As a result, there are cases when a document is submitted and I do not become aware of its existence for weeks on end. When this happens it usually involves proposal submission -- only very rarely does it affect other items. As proposals are time sensitive, it is important for me to be able to get the problem corrected so that it can be distributed for a timely review.

So, if you submit a proposal to the National Science Foundation, I STRONGLY urge you to drop me an email telling me that it was submitted. Providing the proposal number would be greatly appreciated. This is a seven digit number (currently starting 02). This way I will know to look for it and act if it does not appear after a reasonable time. Feel free to include names and contact information for potential, non-conflicted reviewers in the email too.


Mark Weiss

[email protected]

703-292-7321 (voice) 

703-292-0968 (fax)

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