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2006 Student Prize winners

by Ed Hagen last modified Jun 02, 2009 01:37 PM


Juan Comas Prize Brian Kemp
Department of Anthropology
University of California, Davis
Presentation: "Timing of the peopling of the Americas: genetic analysis of early Holocene skeletal remains" (co-authors: B.M. Kemp1, R.S. Malhi, J. McDonough, D.A.Bolnick, J.A. Eshleman, O. Rickards, C. Martinez-Labarga, J.R. Johnson, J.G. Lorenz, E.J. Dixon, T.E. Fifield, T.H. Heaton, R. Worl, and D.G. Smith)
Earnest A. Hooton Prize Kristin Harper
Department of Anthropology
Emory University
Presentation: "The origin of syphilis: a phylogenetic approach suggesting New World origin" (co-authors: P.S. Ocampo1, B.M., Steiner, R.W. George, M.S. Silverman, S. Bolotin, A. Pillay, G.J. Armelagos)
Ales Hrdlicka Prize Herman Pontzer
Department of Anthropology
Harvard University
Presentation: "The evolution of hominin locomotor performance and the emergence of Homo"
William S. Pollitzer Prize Ömer Gökçümen
Department of Anthropology
University of Pennsylvania
Essay:"White Soil and Cockfights: Globalizing the Local"
Mildred Trotter Prize Jason Organ
Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Presentation: "To grasp or not to grasp? Structure and function of platyrrhine caudal vertebrae"
Sherwood L. Washburn Prize Jandy Hanna
Department of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Duke University
"Locomotor energetics in primates: vertical compared to estimated horizontal costs"
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