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2000 Student Prize winners

by Ed Hagen last modified Jun 02, 2009 12:38 PM


Juan Comas Prize Kathryn B. Held, University of Oklahoma
"Growth discordance as a risk factor for asthma in young children."
Earnest A. Hooton Prize Leila M. Porter, State University of New York at Stony Brook
"Callimico goeldii and Saguinus: Dietary differences between sympatric callitrichines in northern Bolivia."
Ales Hrdlicka Prize David DeGusta, University of California at Berkeley
"New methods for evaluating the potential impact of character dependencies on hominid cladograms."
Mildred Trotter Prize Sabrina C. Agarwal, University of Toronto
"Differences between medieval and modern trabecular bone architecture." D. Dumitriu and M.D. Grynpas were coauthors.
Sherwood L. Washburn Prize Leslea Hlusko, Pennsylvania State University
"Genetics of expression of two dental traits in baboons." Michael C. Mahaney was coauthor. 

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