The AAPA Science Policy Committee advises the association on how to best promote, maintain, and communicate rigorous science. The committee's work is advisory to the AAPA officers.   The committee will advise and prepare AAPA to be in the best position to react to policy changes that affect our ability to fund, communicate and undertake our science as well as to be proactive in promoting our science, our ability to do science, and to preserve and expand available funding mechanisms.  The committee is a non-partisan but pro-science group. 

Postings to the Science Policy ribbon on the landing page relate to the committee's work and to information from AAPA officers on related topics. A link to past posts is below.

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Science Policy Broader Impacts

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Committee members

Karen Strier

Co-Chair (2017-2021)

Dennis O'Rourke

Co-Chair (2017-2021)

Robin Nelson

Liaison to the Executive Committee (2018-2021)

Omer Gokcumen

Member (2017-2020)

Amy Rector-Verrelli

Member (2017-2020)

Anne Stone

Member (2017-2019)

Jennifer Wagner

Member (2018 - 2020)

Darna Dufour

Member (2018 - 2020); Human Biology Association representative

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