The AAPA Education Committee is primarily concerned with facilitating engagement of K-12 teachers and students with physical anthropology education materials. The Committee organizes the Education Workshop for teachers (informal educators and home school parents are welcome) held during the annual AAPA meeting, normally on Saturday morning. The workshop is focused on presenting a variety of easy-to-use classroom resources focused on physical anthropology developed by AAPA members, primarily geared towards middle and high school science classrooms. Since 2016, Committee members also organize visits to local schools during the weekdays of the annual AAPA meeting, engaging students in hands-on activities that focus on part on the collection of primate and hominin casts owned by the AAPA.

Committee members

Briana Pobiner


Summer Arrigo-Nelson

Pamela Ashmore

Constance Bertka

Karol Chandler-Ezell

Kimberly Congdon

Deborah Cunningham

Frances Forrest

Benjamin Freed

Amanda Glaze

Kania Greer

Collin McCabe

Kate McGrath

John Mitani

David Patterson

Angie Peña

George (PJ) Perry

Amy Peterson

Alexander Prucha

Anna Ragni

Dana Russell

Kinley Russell

Caitlin Schrein

Victoria Springer

Elizabeth Tapanes

Bethany Usher

Julie Wieczkowski

Danny Wescott

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