The Pollitzer Student Travel Awards are designed to help students defray the costs of attending the AAPA meetings. They are named in honor of William S. Pollitzer, a Human Biologist who taught at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, a Darwin Lifetime Achievement Awardee, and past president of the AAPA.

Qualifications: This award is open to all AAPA student members (undergraduate and graduate) who are attending the annual meeting. You DO NOT have to be giving a paper to compete or receive an award. You DO need to be a MEMBER of the AAPA at the time of the meeting, and you need to have not been granted your PhD before the submission deadline.

Students from underrepresented groups in biological anthropology, those who are the first in their family to go to college, or are undergraduate students at two-year and four-year colleges (without graduate programs) are strongly encouraged to apply.

Award: Up to $500 to defray travel costs to the meetings.

Application and Essay: The essay question changes each year. Awards are made on the basis of an essay of no more than 750 words long (excluding references). Any submission over 750 words will be automatically disqualified. References are not counted towards the 750 words and should be included in the same text box with the essay.

The deadline for the 2018 AAPA meetings awards was January 1, 2018, 11:59pm Samoa Standard Time (UTC-11). We are no longer accepting submissions.

Essay topic for January 1, 2018 deadline: 

Mosquitos have a deep evolutionary interconnectedness to all primates, including humans, and several genetic adaptations have come about through interactions between humans, pathogens, and the mosquitoes that carry those pathogens. Perhaps the most widely known example of a disease-related human adaptation is sickle cell, in which the heterozygote condition confers resistance to malaria transmitted via the Anopheles mosquito.The New York Times (* recently reported that another mosquito species, Aedes aegypti, has been reported across a much wider geographic range compared to just a few years ago, including parts of California and Nevada where they were previously unknown. This mosquito genus and species is not a host for the malarial parasite, but it is known to spread yellow fever, Zika, dengue, and chikungunya.

As primates and other organisms face rapid and dramatic changes to our environments as a result of the fast pace of climate change today, mosquitos may prove to be a critical selective force operating through other mechanisms besides malarial infection. For this year’s Travel Award essay topic, imagine that you have been asked to write a 700-750 word blog post for Scientific American. For this blog post, you are to rely on evolutionary biology and anthropology to imagine a scenario that may play out over the next century with the range expansion of Aedes aegypti. The biology needs to be based in reality, and as such, please use references.

*If you have trouble accessing The New York Times article, AAPA Student Programs Chair Leslea Hlusko can send it to you via email.

Essay evaluation and scoring procedures:

The AAPA student prize committee will evaluate each submission with an identification number (assigned by the committee chair) to mask authors’ identities. Applicants who have won a Pollitzer travel award previously are eligible to enter the competition again, but students who have never won before will be given priority.

Awards will be announced in early February 2018.

Further information may be obtained from the Student Programs Committee Chair Dr. Leslea Hlusko:


Malorie Albee, Lucyna Bowland, Timothy Bransford, Marianne Brasil, Kristen Broehl, Margaret Bryer, Sergio Calle, Jessica Campbell, Stephanie Canington, Colleen Cheverko, Melissa Clark, Bonnie Clark, Elizabeth Clausing, Mark Clemente, Amanda Cook, Catherine Cooper, Dany Coutinho Nogueira, Randy Edward David, Matthew de Vries, Madelynne Dudas, Crystal Easley, Eleanor Farber, Allison Formanack, Maria Fox, Jessica Galea, Rebecca ilmour, Evelyn Glaze, Matthew Go, Madelyn Green, Amanda Hardie, Aliya Hoff (declined), Stella Ioannou, Hyunwoo Jung, Laura Kihlstrom, Gillian King-Bailey, Emma Lagan, Amanda Lee, Ingrid Lundeen, Kathryn Marklein, Leslie Quade, Malcolm Ramsay, Asta Rand, Brian Shearer, Samantha Stead, Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson, Jeanelle Uy, Kerryn Ashleigh Warren, Nicole Weiss, Amanda Wissler, Emma Wood..


Kathryn Allen, Amy Anderson, Samantha Archer, Jessica Beck, Jacqueline Berger, Jacqueline Berger, Jessica Bolte, Joel Bray, M. Loring Burgess, Colleen Cheverko, Sarah Duignan, Sarah Edlund, Amandine Eriksen, Katie Faillace, Elen Feuerriegel, Matthew Go, Laura Goetz, Deanna Goldstein, Alexis Goots, Nora Heidel, Genevieve Housman, Carmen Hové, Vishal Khetpal, Sandra Koch, Katherine Lacy, Maria Nieves Colon, Caitlin O’Connell, Samantha Patterson, Sarah Peacock, Rosie Pitfield, Terren Proctor, Rachel Provazza, Shelby Putt, Meagan Rubel, Ingrid Sierp (declined), Noah Simons, Rick Smith, Mary Studebaker-Reed, Alexandra Uhl, Mary Wilkins, Alexa Wimberly, and Allysha Winburn..


Julia Arenson, Joel Bray, Loring Burgess, Maria Darr, April Dobbs, Pedro Fernandez, Rebecca Gilmour, Jesse Goliath, Kevin Knowles, Elaine Kozma, Myra Laird, Amanda Lee, Lydia Light, Brian Padgett, Smanatha Patterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Kristen Ramirez, Malcolm Ramsay, Megan Rue, Christina Stantis, Marissa Stewart, Sarah Traynor, Lu Yao, and Samantha Yaussy..


Kathryn Allen, Claudia Astorino, Jess Beck, Richard Brel, Laura Cirillo, Mary Cole, Kim Congdon, Shaliegh Diaz-Ryder, Erin Dineen, Hallie Edmonds, Jennifer Eyre, Adam Foster, Theresa Gildner, Halszka Glowacka, Alia Gurtov, Nicholas Holowka, Stephen Johnson, Rob'yn Johnson, Addison Kemp, Holly Kiang, Marc Kissel, Tom Kraft, Sharon Kuo, Anne Kwiatt, Sam Larson, Justin Ledogar, Ellis Locke, Elizabeth LoPresti, Emily Middleton, Selin Nugent, Sean Prall, Kelsey Pugh, Joshua Robinson, John Rowen, Elizabeth Sawchuk, Jill Scott, Jess Senjem, Darcy Shapiro (declined), Eric Shattuck, Brian Shearer, Amanda Spriggs, Nicole Squyres, Laura Stroik, Sarah Swartz, Rob Tennyson, Nathan Thompson, Miranda Utzinger, Ziyu Wang, Gabriel Yapuncich, and Madeline Zhu.


Kari Allen (Duke), Jeannie Bailey (U. Washington), W. Andrew Barr (UT Austin), Lydia Beaudrot (UC Davis), Ryan Campbell (SIU, Carbondale), Meadow Campbell (SIU, Carbondale), Lori Critcher (OSU), Elizabeth Daly (ASU), Noah Dunham (OSU), Hallie Edmonds (ASU), Kelsey Ellis (UT Austin), Elaine Gomez Guevara (CUNY), Nanda Grow (Texas A&M), Ashley Hammond (U. Missouri), Jessica Hartel (USC), Mauricio Hernandez (Cambridge), Nicholas Holowka (Stony Brook), Aimee Huard, (U. New England), Zachariah Hubbell (OSU), Jessica Joganic (Washington U.), Rob’yn Johnston (U. Missouri), Marc Kissel (U. Wisconsin), Anne Kwiatt (UT San Antonio), Sarah Lacy (Washington University, St. Louis), Catherine Merritt (U. Toronto), Justyna Miszkiewicz (U. Kent), Thierra Nalley (ASU), Allison Nesbitt (Stony Brook), Christina Nicholas (U. Iowa), Natalie O'Shea (U. Iowa), Tiffany Pan (U. Washington), Sean Prall (Indiana U.), Thomas Cody Prang (NYU), Joshua Sadvari (OSU), Jill Scott (U. Iowa), Michala Stock (NYU), Sarah Swartz (U. Missouri), Zack Throckmorton (U. Wisconsin), Willa Trask (Texas A&M), Jessica Walker (U. Pittsburgh), Raining Wang (U. Washington), Shasta Webb (Macalester College), Taylor Yuzwa (Mercyhurst)..


Heidi Bauer-Clapp, Michael Berthaume, Jennifer Byrens, Keely B. Carlson, Colleen Cheverko, Jonathan Brent Clayton, Caitlin Dardenne, Ileana Diaz, Adam Foster, Tegan Gaetano, Heather Garvin, Ashley Gosselin-Ildari, Lesley Gregorika, Elaine Go´mez Guevara, Amber Heard-Booth, Nicholas Holowka, Genevieve Housman, Zachariah R. Hubbell, Margaux Finn Keller, Michael Kenyhercz, Sharon Kessler, Amy Klegarth, Anne C. Kwiatt, Cadell Last, Shayna Liberman, Annick McIntosh, Georgia Milward, Justyna Miszkiewicz, Teague O’Mara, Daniel M. Parker, Sean Prall, Matthew C.S. Reid, Laurie Reitsema, Michelle A. Rodrigues, Annette Rodriguez, Aaron Sams, Eric Shattuck, Brittany Singletary, Amanda Spriggs, Nathan Edward Thompson, Zachary John Throckmorton, Carrie Veilleux, and Vivek Venkataraman..


Andrea Baden, Claire Barrett, Michael Berthaume, Nicole Burt, John Crandall, Ileana Diaz, Heather Garvin, Jan F. Gogarten, Lesley Gregoricka, Nanda Grow, Lauren Halenar, Nicholas Holowka, Zachariah R. Hubbell, Gail Hughes-Morey, Heather Jarrell, Sam Kemmis, Alexandra Klales, Alicia Krzton, Sarah Lacy, Denise K. Liberton, Sara Kane Lynch, Charla Marshall, Jaime Mata-Miguez, Monica McDonald, Stephanie Meredith, Emily Middleton, Thierra K. Nalley, Emma Nelson, Teague O’Mara, Daniel Parker, Chris Percival, Laurie Reitsema, Joshua Robinson, Elizabeth Rowing, Aaron Sams, John M. Starbuck, Robert Stark, Natalie Uhl, Vivek Vasi Venkataraman, Fernando Villanea, Darice Westphal, Victoria Wobber. In the age of personalized genomics, genetic ancestry testing, and medical genetic testing, do disciplines such as osteology, paleontology, primatology, human adaptation, etc., have relevance anymore for understanding modern human evolution and biology?


Bridgett Alex, Harvard University; Claire Barrett, University of Kent; Mary Blair, Columbia University; Ryan Campbell, Southern Illinois University; Jennifer Danzy-Cramer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Caitlin Dardenne, University of Utah; Jessica Drew, Florida Atlantic University; Heather Garvin, Johns Hopkins University; Christopher Golias, University of Pennsylvania; Lesley Gregorika, Ohio State University; Emily Hammerl, University at Buffalo-SUNY; Kristi Lewton, Arizona State University; Denise Liberton, Pennsylvania State University; Sara Lynch, University at Buffalo-SUNY; Stephanie Meredith, Arizona State University; Christina Nicolas, University of Iowa; Aidan Ruth, Kent State University; Jennifer Spence, Ohio State University; Natalie Uhl, University of Illinois, Vivek Vasi Venkataraman, Stony Brook University; Anna Vick, University of Florida; Jennifer Wagner, Pennsylvania State University..


Mark Beary, University of Missouri; Jessica Brinkworth, City University of New York; Ryan Campbell, Southern Illinois University; Stephanie Child, University of Missouri; Lynn Copes, Arizona State University; James Cray, University of Pittsburgh; Kathryn Driscoll, University of Tennessee; Heather Garvin, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Lesley Gregoricka, Ohio State University; Nanda Grow, Texas A&M University; Emily Hammerl, University of Buffalo; Heather Hassel, Stony Brook University; Mary Kelaita, University of Michigan; Cassandra Koontz, Vanderbilt University; Britney Kyle, Ohio State University; Sarah Lacy, Washington University in St. Louis; Denise Liberton, Pennsylvania State University; Sara Lynch, University of Buffalo; Tracie McKinney, Ohio State University; Rachel Menegaz, University of Missouri; Katie Miller, Arizona State University; David Pappano, University of Michigan; Eleanna Prevedorou, Arizona State University; Ellen Quillen, Pennsylvania State University; Terrence Ritzman, Arizona State University; Elizabeth Rowe, Temple University; Anna Vick, University of Florida; Leslie Williams, Ohio State University..


Wendy Black, University of Cape Town; Tafline Crawford, Wash. University; Jessica Joganic, Arizona State University; Lisa Pulliam, Western Oregon University; Jill Scott, University of Iowa; Melisa Kiyamu Tsuchiya, University of Albany; Meghan Healy, University of New Mexico; Elisabeth Nicholson, Northwestern University.


Robert Omalley, University of Southern California; Susan Landers Roberts, University of Colorado; Amy Farnbach, Arizona State University; Elizabeth diGangi, University of Tennessee; Rebecca Gray, University of Florida; Kristin Young, University of Kansas..


Omer Gokcumen, University of Pennsylvania.

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